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​XL Digital Media began as a hobby but quickly grew to a passion. Why? As a veteran, I stand on promises of honesty and integrity in life and in business. Similar companies were spamming my inbox with promises they couldn't keep: "#1 Ranking on Google" and "Guaranteed First Page Placement!". This didn't set well with my morality radar so I went looking for the truth. I discovered that NOBODY can guarantee you those results! So how were these other companies get away with this false advertising? They ​use underhanded tactics, deliberately put obscure words on your website so it can be found more quickly and even flagrantly violate rules set by the search engines. Simply put, some companies cheat to give you false positive results. Here is the truth: Websites rank higher in search engines based on multiple factors. XL Digital Media understands how to set up your website to maximize those factors. Google and other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms. XL Digital Media follows those trends and identifies what changes to make to your site to optimize those trends. Your site can be penalized for violating the established rules. XL Digital Media updates knowledge on a daily basis and then works to eliminate any penalties for our customers. As the owner of XL Digital Media, my promise is that our work will NEVER place your company into situations where your reputation and the reputation of your company is lost. We work for you! YOUR reputation is OUR reputation.


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